Trolls with fake reddit accounts – I never, ever post on reddit.

So – this is either Sinister Hand or Dawn’s Elegy of course. Or one of their child warriors they’ve trained to become harassing racist homophobes, I guess.

Reduced to making fake reddit accounts about me and posting.

Anyway – Reported to reddit – Reddit, as a website actually owned by adults – does keep an IP log as well – so whoever that is, that’ll be found out soon enough.

Just stop with the lies and harassment already?

All of this is fake crap created – let’s see – either by that Toxic Youtuber who wants to make money from Harassing me, SinisterHand – or his professional griefer friend with the griefer group, Dawns Elegy. Or possibly one of their Child Warriors.

Although, in THIS case – that Rincewind75 has also been a problem for us. I do hope he’s not involved with this – ah well, Reddit will sort it out. Or law enforcement, if it comes to that. I’m willing to provide any logs needed. As always.

Reported to Reddit as impersonation – via twitter, since I’m not signing up for their crap service to report this crap anymore.


Fake user account

Fake Post 

Those who do know me – know that I believe reddit, as it allows anonymous postings, is a flawed platform to begin with, and I do not use it – Please share? This harassment is ridiculous. And since reddit  want me to ‘sign up’ to your crap service to report THIS as well, I’m posting here, then making everyone aware via other means.

Also – for all the good people on the Market 76 servers suffering with these trolls – we have a better place – please – if you’re good – come to us: You can see for yourself. If you’re not a troll, you’re going to have a great time with us. We’re good people!

Chatroom here: